JubiLee Scholarship Fund

Diane, Allison, and Amy Lee Memorial Legacy

Pastor's Message

November 1, 2005

 I am often reminded of the loss we all felt after the passing of Diane, Amy, and Allison Lee. So many of you have expressed how much you miss their giving nature and special dedication to those around them.

For myself, I believe that having planted the seed for the JubiLee Scholarship Fund will further the tremendous impact Diane, Amy and Allison had on our lives. Now that Andy has returned home, I know that he wholeheartedly supports this project.  He will become active in the JubiLee Scholarship Fund as his health allows.

Together with God's direction, we will nurture this fund from a memorial into a church-wide mission of Community Outreach for underprivileged students who desire to further their education. I encourage you to join me in Forest Hills's efforts to maintain and expand JubiLee's momentum. The miracle of 235 Golf clearly demonstrates what has already occurred since the accident.

To get started, simply click on Ways to Give in the left column of this page.

 The funds are managed by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. FHUMC is the administrator of the JubiLee Fund.  We anticipate the awarding of first college scholarships for the fall semester in 2006. 

Thank you for remembering Diane and the girl's love of giving and learning by contributing to this effort as you are able.

Diane, Allison, and Amy would be extremely grateful for your support in this area that was so dear to them.


In Christ,



John Carpenter, Pastor

Forest Hills United Methodist Church